The past year has not been easy on Malaysians and their wallets. With the onset of taxes, removal of subsidies and instability of workforce management, stretching your dollar is just not the same anymore, especially when you desire the little pleasures in life like a new car or a well deserved holiday.

And sure, there is a variety of second or part-time jobs out there to help you attain them easily, but let’s face it! Having a second or part-time job requires a certain type of dedication and commitment that perhaps not many are in the position to do so for various reasons such as inflexibility of the current or part-time jobs.

But this is where Grab plays a role.

Not just poised to providing a safer and alternative option of transport, GrabCar, which is available on the Grab App (formerly known as MyTeksi), offers a flexible and viable option for those who want to earn some serious money without minimal time commitment, something which other ride-sharing app platforms just cannot provide.

So how does it work, you may ask…Pretty easy actually.

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